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Why 2024 is Set to be a Game-Changing Year

We have lots of exciting plans for 2024 so make sure you keep up to date with everything happening on our social media pages. Eco Nature Holidays is becoming Eco Nature Homestead and you might ask why?. Well are plan have always been to create a business that reflects our lifestyle and values. All the services we have offered over the years remain but we want to focus more on what we are doing around growing food organically in the garden and serving that food to guests. All whilst working in harmony with the environment and nature.

So the veg patch is going to grow in size so we can grow more. Lots more ideas around composting and hotbeds will be trialled. Sai will be doing loads more with @plantedbysai making lovely plant based dishes for guests staying here. Pop up vegan cafes around the area to introduce more people to a plant based lifestyle and workshops of how to make authentic Asian inspired vegan food. So make sure you check her out of instagram. She has lots of plans to expand into fermented foods too.

The accommodation is still available all year round. And we continue to welcome guests from around the world to our glen. We have moved away in recent years from advertising on lots of different booking platforms and encourage guests to book direct with us via our website. Although we do still have a few guest from Airbnb we want guest to come here because nature and sustainable living is what is also close to their hearts.

Pete will be busy in the garden expanding the number of raised beds for growing that we have. He has already completed a course on how to make hot beds so keep an eye out for that project. He is getting passionate about all things composting so we can become self sufficient in the garden. He is also taking a seed saving course.

Wildlife and nature will of course be a huge part of what we offer here. With lots more photography workshops and tours to see all the amazing wildlife we have in the garden and around the area. Our collaboration with Fyne Sea Tours will see Pete out on Loch Fyne with guests to show them all the wonderful marine wildlife available here. We are also this year opening up the wildlife hide and tours to guests not stying with us, but this will be only when we don't have guests staying with us.

So a busy year ahead here at the homestead. We hope guests will take a real interest in what we are doing with growing and making food. And about our sustainable journey. We have plans still for a Air Source Heat Pump and a Sunamp heat battery and when funds allow we will implement those projects.

So keep an eye on what we area doing and of course if you want to book with us we would love to see you.

Love & Hugs Pete & Sai


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