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Solar PV in Scotland does it work

We embarked on our solar project ages ago and after many delays it has finally been completed. We have installed the following -

12 410w Solar Panels

2 5KW Fox Ess batteries

My Energie Eddi Solar Diverter

Solis Inverters

Many people have asked if Scotland is really a good location to have solar panels. So let me answer that up front. Yes Solar does work in Scotland. Its not the best time of year for generation but we have already reduced our grid usage by 50% on some days. In spring and summer we will be 100% off grid. Having the batteries is vital to being able to store what you generate to use it later. When its cloudy and raining we still generate it not just when the sun shines. In the summer We will use the solar diverter to heat our hot water and therefore reduce the use of our boiler. Its estimated over the year we will generate between 75 & 80% of our own power. The saving on our bills will be significant but we will see as time progresses. The payback period will be about 4 years with current electricity prices but this was never our driving force. We wanted to generate our own power to support the grid and provide clean renewable energy for our guests to use. We are looking forward to seeing how this turns out over time but so far we are delighted.

The picture above was yesterday. We were 100% off grid and charging our batteries. I will publish more data each month but bring on the cloudless days.


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