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Summer Time In Scotland

So its summertime here in Scotland. Well sort of the weather has been 'Scottish' mostly. Humid and damp with lovely sunny spells in between. The garden is alive with life. Bees are buzzing about and the midges are loving the conditions. The water in the lochs is warming up and its a great time for a bit of wild swimming. School holidays are just around the corner and for the next few months the area will be busy with guests from all around the world. Here to explore the wonderful landscapes nice food and maybe even get a day on the beach.

Summer time is always a buys time for us and this year is looking as busy as usual. The red squirrels young are in the garden most days scampering about and we have been luck to have regular visits from Pine Marten with Kits during daylight hours. We leave large part of the garden wild all year round and the wildflowers are looking wonderful. The veg garden is being very productive but a little more sunshine wouldn't go amiss.

The nights are very short at this time of year but as we have passed the solstice every day now they will get a bit longer. Its nice to have the long days but I do miss the dark skies and the Aurora of Autumn and Winter.

So what is our favourite time of year here in the glen. We love the Spring and Autumn the best. Summer in Scotland can be very warm but also rainy too. Nothing beats the late summer sunsets and colours of Autumn. So if you are thinking of a holiday why not look at September through to Christmas. Avoid the crowds and enjoy the peace and quiet and maybe catch the Aurora.

See you soon Pete.


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