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Pine Martens and Red Squirrels in the garden

So you love wildlife! Well we have loads of amazing creatures here in the garden. We have built our own wildlife hide here that is exclusive for our holidays guests to use. At different times off year we are very fortunate to have Pine Marten and red squirrels in the garden and guests do get great images from our purpose built hide. Pine marten are tricky to photograph being mostly nocturnal but with a bit of luck you can get to see them. The Red squirrels are delightful creatures. When the youngsters are about in summer they are active throughout the day. We love seeing them going about their busy little lives.

We have done a lot to bring wildlife into the garden. We leave a part of the garden to be wild have created wildlife ponds and planted wildflowers and trees. So if you love wildlife why not book a stay and you never know what you might see.


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