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Moving to the Glen

Growing up I always felt more at home in the countryside.  During my early adult years I have spent most of my time in urban areas, working in and around London but the call of the rural life has always been there for me.  I guess the quiet and proximity to nature is one aspect but also the clean air and dark sky's at night is a big draw.  

So now as 40 something old me and the family are just about to pack all our belongings into a lorry and move to rural highland Scotland.  Of course we are hugely excited to be moving as a family and starting our own tourism business, but the fear that the dream won't live up to the reality is also there. Will the business be a success, I hope so.  Will rural life be tough, yes of course.  The luxury and convenience of the urban environment is not there.  Mobile signal is patchy, broadband only available on very expensive satellite.  Shopping is far away.  But for me that's the point.  Getting back to nature, growing our own food, and being as sustainable as possible is more important than superfast broadband or proximity to shopping.  I have so much to learn but can't wait to get started, hopefully we can build a different future for our daughter.  One where working with nature, using less resources and living a green and ethically sustainable life is the new normal.

See you in Cowal, Argyll, Scotland 



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