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Its a Blogging Take Over

It’s a blogging take over

But only by me, I am Sai the other owner of Eco HQ.

There’s so much news we want to share with you. The highs, lows and the in between that happens here in the old barn that we call home and our livelihood. This is my take on all things we do here, not only as Eco Nature holidays but our little homestead.

But first, I want to reintroduce ourselves. We are a tiny family of three plus two fur babies.

Peter is the nature & wild life loving, snappy photographer, geek of all things solar and self sustainability come veggie patch warrior. Once worked in the city but found there was more to life than the mundane 9-5.

Sai, that’s me 🙂, I am a home making, vegan baking & food loving enthusiast, respecting all beautiful creatures out there. Once worked in a busy teaching hospital as my calling but later discovered another calling to motherhood and now hosting.

Our madam aka our daughter. Gatcha fanatic and singer drama queen extraordinaire.

Bella & Coconut are our fur babies, one a ferocious cat and the other a gentleman of all bunnies.

I’m sure you will have read Peter’s first blog about how we got here? If not, then here’s my perspective.

Quite simply put, life needed to change. Peter always wanted to live in wild rural Scotland free from city pressures and stress.

I was ready to start working again and we thought, hey let’s start a business.

What a learning curve that was/is for us. A roller coaster of emotions, financial stress, headaches, anxiety, uncertainties, but also the pleasure of meeting people, being able to provide a haven for people and wildlife alike. The latter curve is the ultimate reason for continuing this ride.

Please hang along and see where our journey will take us 😊


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