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Hiking the Cowal Way through Glendaruel

Hiking the Loch Lomond and Cowal way.

This is definitely one of Scotland’s best hiking trails at 57 miles, it covers the length of Cowal and joins up with the West Highland way.

Now I must be honest and tell you the truth. I haven’t actually done the whole trail. And if, like me you prefer to settle in to your cosy highland getaway for a few days rather than wild camp along the way, you need not worry about missing out on any of the stunning terrain.

We are well situated in Glendaruel where the trail runs along the West Glen road passing through gushing waterfalls by the Home farm estates.

Not too far are the Lucknow gates the former entrance to the Glendaruel house estate and residence of Sir Colin Campbell that unfortunately burnt down in 1970. This gate is a replica of that in India, said to commemorate Sir Colin Campbell who was part of the relief of the siege in Lucknow in 1857.

Further along towards the Clachan of Glendaruel is Kilmodan church where in a separate out building or the lapidarium are very well preserved carved stones dating between 13-15th century. These are impressive and well worth a visit.

The trail doesn’t stop here, but if you have a young family and wanting a loop walk or cycle from our accommodation (4 miles in total) it is quite easy to rejoin the pathway back, but perhaps the kiddies may want to have a swing or slide first in the play park along the way.

This is just a short part of the trail where there is much to see and a very easy walk. Take your time and see if you can spot any wildlife on the way such as Kestrels, Buzzards, owls, eagles and red squirrels.

Fancy hiking further? My next blog will cover Ormidale to Tighnabruaich.

Catch you later.


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