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Charging Your EV Car whilst on Holiday in Rural Argyll

Electric Cars are on the rise and quite rightly as we all fight the climate emergency. But how easy is it to take you EV on holiday with you especially in Rural Argyll. Well the simple answer is a mix picture but rapidly improving all the time. Looking at Zap Map (a popular EV app) to find EV charging points in our area of Argyll and Bute brings up a small number of charging point infrastructure currently. Dunoon, Inveraray, and Bute have points available as do some of the much larger corporate hotel and holiday parks. But if you want to stay someone more unique its practically non existent. The picture has improved but there is still a long way to go to support the growing number of EV drivers who clearly want to get away on holiday to somewhere different.

So we made the decision to invest in our own EV charge point for guests to use. We installed a My Energie Zappi charger that can charge upto 7KW. Its available to our guests only (as a optional paid service) and the response has been fantastic. There is a real demand for EV charge points from customers and this will increase rapidly in the coming years. There certainly needs to be a lot more work done by councils, government and businesses of all sizes to support the transition from fossil fuels, but we felt the investment was a vital one to ensure a more sustainable tourism offering for our guests. We have been waiting for about 6 months for our Solar panels to be fitted and when they are in place guests will be able to charge when the sun shines with power generated from our our Solar PV installation. Until then all our electricity come from a ethical 100% renewable company Ecotricity so you can be assured your sustainable holiday can start from the moment you leave home with your Electric Car.

We look forward to plugging you in soon.


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