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The Wee Eco Shop

We haven‘t written a blog for a long time so it felt long over due. So the world has turned upside down in recent months with the pandemic and our business and family like so many others have been plunged into uncertainty. We feel blessed to be spending the days/weeks of self isolation here in the glen where nature continues with its annual calendar. The gorse flowers are blooming and the sweet smell of coconut and vanilla hits you on our daily walk around the Glen. The swallows have returned from their annual migration to Afric, and the songs of the birds fills the air. So for nature life hasn’t changed, but for us humans will it ever be the same again. When we started our journey here we expected tough times as all new businesses do. But we have survived and buillt a following of regular customers as well as many new friends from all other the world. The virus however put a rapid stop this year. In the early part of the year advance bookings were the best they had been. Guest were booking to staying longer and we felt confident in the year ahead. We had plans for new services all that reflects our eco and core values.

News coming from other countries in the early part of the year looked worrying but we hoped would be contained and the impact limited. By late February new bookings stopped and views to our website dried up. The news began to look bleak. In March it became clear that the world was in the grip of a health crisis. Lockdown was the word in every news story and gradually guests from abroad started to cancel their holidays. By the end of March when Scotland also went into lockdown April, May, and June bookings vanished.

As a small business we were worried for the future. But with our lives and lifesavings invested we decided we must press forward. So that brings us to where we are now. We have built our wee eco shop in our garden here. It’s a tiny summerhouse that we planned to stock with products that we use in our business and home. All vegan, eco friendly and sustainable. The shop will serve our guests and we hope some of our local community too. We will be selling refills of bulk buy products such as hand wash and kitchen cleaners. Loose Leaf Herbal Tea and locally sourced coffee. Kitchen essentials such as rice, lentils, and oats. And some plastic free items such as bamboo toothbrushes and kitchen items.

Launching a new element to our business at this time might seem crazy but we have been planning this for a while and with extra time on our hands we decided to go for it.

So its going to be small scale but hopefully another part to our business that will help us through this crisis and help us grow in the future. We are excited about it. We can’t quite open the doors yet but that day will come hopefully soon and we hope to see you again then.

Stay safe

Peter & Sai x