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Pucks Glen

My first trip to Pucks Glen was one I was really looking forward to.  It's located just north of Dunoon in Cowal, Argyll, and almost opposite the entrance to Benmore Bontanic Gardens.  So if visiting it's easy to take in both places in a day.  

Starting from the car park it's a gentle walk to the entrance of the glen.  The path then meanders up a steep sided moss covered Glen with wonderful waterfalls at every turn.  It was a warm day when I did the walk and the climate in the glen felt rain forest like.  

It's a fairly easy walk to the top but steep enough to get the heart pumping a bit.  It feels like a magical fairy kingdom, part wild and part manicured by humans,  I met no one else on the walk but loved the constant sound of rushing waterfalls.  It's a short walk but one I will go back and do again soon with the family as each time I'm sure I will discover something new.  I hope our guests when they come to stay will check out Pucks Glen.  Only 20 mins from Glendaruel and you can always reward yourself after with a cup of tea in the Benmore Gardens cafe.  

Best of all a walk in Pucks Glen is free.  It's well worth a visit if you come to stay at Eco Nature Holidays,  I might even join you.



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