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All Creatures Great and Small

It always amazes me how diverse a range of species we have in this country. From the migratory large mammals that swim off the coast of Scotland down to the insects that live and flourish in our gardens.  This diversity is a fragile balance,  Bee populations are in decline as are the butterflies.  The oceans are being poisoned by contaminates and plastics.  Large birds of prey and protected species are hunted and killed by some just for fun.  As a nature lover it's so sad to see photos on twitter of big game hunters in Africa posing by a dead giraffe, but as a nation in the UK our PM only yesterday came out to say she was in favour of people hunting large wild creatures in the countryside with dogs and horses. 

The balance between man and nature is always the most delicate one.  What some do in the name of sport is having a devastating impact on wildlife with some birds now being pushed towards extinction.  The moral argument to allowing hunting for sport for me is one that is left in the history books.  The economic benefits also are not always what they seem.  Nature and wildlife tourism will when run successfully always generate more sustainable tourism businesses.  

So as I was sitting in the sunshine and enjoying the sounds and sights of the smallest creatures we have, it made me  appreciate the delicate balance that all creatures face including us humans.  Everything has its place in nature and if we look after it then it's truly amazing.


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